[Past Event] 2nd Annual Wake The Dead Horror Paracon
October 9, 2015 - October 11, 2015 [No event planned for 2016]

Dash Beardsley's Wake the Dead Horror Paracon is the event you have anxiously been waiting for!! The creator of Ghost Tours of Galveston Island, Dash Beardsley, has decided to get his friends together for a day that will not soon be forgotten…

Galveston Convention Center at the San Luis Resort
5600 Seawall Blvd.
Galveston, TX 77551

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Celebrity Lineup
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Kathy Najimy

Hocus Pocus, Sister Act I & II

Kathy Najimy is known for her memorable performances in over 25 films and several TV projects.  She has starred in the famous Halloween flick, “Hocus Pocus” along with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker as well as won an American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Actress and the Hollywood Women’s ...
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Pruitt Taylor Vince

Walking Dead, Constantine

Actor Pruitt Taylor Vince has shared the Silver Screen with actors such as Paul Neuman, John Cusack, Kevin Costner, and Liv Tyler.  His more recent appearances on The Walking Dead and True Blood have thrilled and created additional horror fans across the country.  As a native from Louisiana, his Southern ...
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Chad Rook

The Flash, Supernatural, Alcatraz

Canadian born actor/model/director, Chad Rook, has built quite a resume by appearing in multiple feature films and television roles, including a guest star role opposite Amanda Tapping on the SYFY series “Sanctuary”, multiple parts on the hit series “Supernatural” and recently a key role on ...
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Dakota Lawrence


Dakota Lawrence, a talented Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Paranormal Investigator, has a long genetic tie to incredibly gifted family members.  Since the age of 12, he began reading for others but took his ability to another level by gaining a professional status at age 15.  Though Dakota’s humble roots stem ...
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Jennifer Lynn Warren

American Horror Story

Jennifer Lynn Warren is most recognized for her role in American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3) as “Borquita LaLaurie,” but is also credited for co-starring roles throughout the horror film genre such as Creature and The School in the Woods.  She has made her mark as an actress in Hollywood appearing in such ...
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Scott Michaels

Hollywood's Dearly Departed Tour

Founder of Hollywood’s Dearly Departed Tours, Scott Michaels is a true authority on the “dark side” of celebrities’ demises and death memorabilia.  He has been featured on E! Show Hollywood Death Trip, CNN, and his tour was paid tribute on FX’s American Horror Story.   Scott also founded the popular ...
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Teal Gray


Teal Gray is a natural born Empath and Clairvoyant; for over 25 years, she has used her gifts to help others find clarity within their lives.   She uses Tea Leaf Readings and Tarot along with her natural gifts and abilities to unveil the mysteries within individuals empowering their relationships thus navigating ...
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Chris Melancon

New Orleans Paranormal Investigator

As founder of Paranormal Society of New Orleans (PSNO), Chris Melancon is dedicated to helping others feel comfortable about the paranormal world while educating his audience.  Chris’ forte is detailed explanation regarding paranormal activity, his experiences, and the tools involved with detecting such ...
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Cathy Nance

The Woodlands Paranormal Investigator

Cathy Nance is the founder and case manager of Woodlands Paranormal.  She has made guest appearances on Animal Planet’s television series “The Haunted” (Seasons 1 & 2) and Biography’s “My Ghost Story.”  Apart from her paranormal interests, Cathy is also owner of Cathy Nance Studios located in two ...
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Brad Klinge

Ghost Lab/Paranormal Investigator

Brad Klinge has always had an interest in the supernatural, and that multiplied tenfold in the summer of 1990, when he was able to witness and film one of the most phenomenal supernatural events ever recorded — an actual ghost regiment. This experience was the driving force behind Brad’s decision to form ...
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Tui Snider


Best-selling author Tui Snider is “your travel guide to the unexpected side.” As a writer, speaker, and photographer Tui specializes in overlooked history, haunted places, and cemetery symbolism. Tui’s best selling books include “Unexpected Texas,” “Paranormal Texas,” and ...
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Jodie Smith

Paranormal Diva

Jodie Smith AKA; “The Paranormal Diva”™ is an actress, and hostess of the popular internet radio talk Ghost Chat Radio. Now residing in Baton Rouge, LA, she gained experience early in her life as a both an actress and model during her years living and growing up in South Florida in Fort Lauderdale, ...
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Brian Treybig

Master of Ceremony

We welcome back Brian Treybig as our Master of Ceremony! Dubbed “The Most Interesting Man in the World’s Illegitimate Son”, Brian Treybig was born and raised in Texas and was always the one to question everything, even the existence of the pizza he would eat. Since these answers weren’t ...
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