Galveston Humane Society LogoThe Galveston Island Humane Society was formed in April of 1981 by a concerned group of citizens concerned with the welfare of stray, lost, and homeless animals. Since that time we have been able to hire staff and institute programs including humane education, spay/neuter assistance and prevention of animal cruelty. The greatest service the GIHS provides for the community is simple: a humane shelter for lost and unwanted animals.
The Galveston Island Humane Society, Inc. is solely dedicated to the cause and welfare of unwanted or homeless animals. This organization provides a temporary refuge for these animals, arranges placement in responsible homes, and provides community education toward the prevention of cruelty to animals and the instruction of humane pet care.
The Humane Society has some specific goals (objectives) that we would like to accomplish in the future. The following is a list of some of those goals:
  • To find good homes for all of our animals as an alternative to euthanasia.
  • Obtain additional funding to enhance our current programs and expand into other areas.
  • Initiate and coordinate a comprehensive spay/neuter programs for the City of Galveston to stop the influx of unwanted and homeless animals coming in to the shelter.
  • Provide education in the community focused on the long term care of pets as family members.