Celebrity Speakers

Brad Klinge
Ghost Lab/Paranormal Investigator

Brad Klinge has always had an interest in the supernatural, and that multiplied tenfold in the summer of 1990, when he was able to witness and film one of the most phenomenal supernatural events ever recorded — an actual ghost regiment. brad-klinge2This experience was the driving force behind Brad’s decision to form Everyday Paranormal in October 2007. His team using unique methods and theories while conducting paranormal research was noticed by the Discovery Channel in 2009.  In turn, “Ghost Lab” was developed and became one of the most watched paranormal shows around the world.  His goal is to take supernatural investigation to a new level with common-sense theories and techniques that so far have led to extraordinary paranormal evidence.  Brad has since developed a YouTube paranormal documentary series entitled “Strange Curiosity” that explores everything paranormal from ghosts, UFOs, monsters, conspiracy theories, and anything in the world of the strange the draws a strange curiosity.  Additionally, Brad is the owner and Executive Producer of Nine Diamond Productions.