Celebrity Speakers

Dakota Lawrence

Dakota Lawrence, a talented Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Paranormal Investigator, has a long genetic tie to incredibly gifted family members.  Since the age of 12, he began reading for others but took his ability to another level by gaining a professional status at age 15.  Though Dakota’s humble roots stem from Shreveport, Louisiana, he embraces his Native American background as he relies on these ancestors to assist in guidance and prospective.  Dakota’s Southern charm is apparently obvious at first glance; however, his edgy and honest approach has elevated him into one of the most recognized leaders within the Paranormal and Metaphysical community.   In a gallery setting, Dakota will entertain and inform those participating by enlightening as well as making contact with loved one who crossed over to the other side.  Dakota has worked closely with numerous celebrities throughout Hollywood and at one time ran a successful booking agency working with Hollywood A-Listers as well as numerous actors from Star Wars, Buffy, Angel, Xena, Supernatural, and many other hit franchises. He has co-starred on Children of the Grave 2 (SPOOKED TV) as seen on SyFy Chiller and NBC, is featured on ABC’s “The Gates”, as well as making monthly appearances on Shreveport radio stations, 710 KEEL and 96.5 KVKI and countless appearances on both news channels and local papers. We are excited to have one of the South’s most recognizable and fan favorite mediums to our event!