Celebrity Speakers

Tui Snider

Best-selling author Tui Snider is “your travel guide to the unexpected side.” As a writer, speaker, and photographer Tui specializes in overlooked history, haunted places, and cemetery symbolism. Tui’s best selling books include “Unexpected Texas,” “Paranormal Texas,” and a strange-but-true crime tale called “The Lynching of the Santa Claus Bank Robber.” For a taste of offbeat travel, catch her “What in the World?” segment each month on the Para Mysteries radio show with Teal Gray. In addition, Tui’s photos of the strange and unexplained appear in magazines, books, and Coast to Coast AM. Whether it’s an interview, a speaking engagement, or an elevator ride, Tui loves sharing with audiences, and her presentations are both informative and lighthearted. So whether you are interested in history, hauntings or both – Tui Snider’s Wake the Dead presentation on Cemetery Symbolism will help you make the most of your next trip to a graveyard – don’t miss it! (For more info, visit: TuiSnider.com)